Windstopper Earband one size Marmot


Windstopper Earband one size Marmot

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Bescherm uw kwetsbare oren met deze uitstekende weer en wind trotserend stuk uitrusting gemaakt van GORE® WINDSTOPPER® textiel. 

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€ 24,95


Windstopper Earband one size Marmot

Bescherm uw kwetsbare oren met deze uitstekende weer en wind trotserend stuk uitrusting gemaakt van GORE® WINDSTOPPER® textiel. Een rekbaar Polartec® fleece paneel maakt het aangenaam te dragen en flexibel.


  • Stretch binding rond de randen voor extra comfort
  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® 100% Polyester
  • Polartec®Power Stretch Pro® 53% Polyester, 38% Nylon, 9% Elastane
  • Gewicht 31.2g



WINDSTOPPER® fabrics offer windproof and breathability, combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell in one garment. Our WINDSTOPPER® collection keeps you comfortable while providing the freedom of movement you need for enhanced performance in a wide range of activities and weather conditions.

What is it?

WINDSTOPPER® is a bonded 3 layer protection. The outer layer is high quality water repellent polyester micro fleece; the middle layer is ultra-light WINDSTOPPER® membrane and the inner layer contains polyester tricot knitting.

How does it work?

With its 3-layer construction, the WINDSTOPPER® membrane is bonded between a high performance fabric on one side and a quick-drying polyester fleece on the other. The durable water repellent finish offers additional weather protection.

WINDSTOPPER® protects your body's warmth from the chilling effects of wind and weather and prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to easily escape. The unique WINDSTOPPER® membrane totally stops wind from penetrating the fabric while allowing moisture to release unhindered for 2X more breathability than comparable windproof products.

What are the benefits of this technology?

WINDSTOPPER® performs well in outdoor activities, such as hiking, backpacking, cycling, hunting, mountain sports, skiing, snowboarding and trekking where weather conditions might include strong winds, light snow and rain. It retains heat not moisture and is 2 1/2 times warmer in 30mph wind than traditional fleece with no loss to breathability. And because its 'easy care', you can wash it in your machine.

Polartec® Classic

Polartec® Classic fabrics set the bar for lightweight warmth and breathability. For nearly three decades, this original fleece offers unparalleled quality and durability.

The 100% polyester velour construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat. Unlike less expensive fleece fabrics, Polartec® Classic products maintain their insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering.

Marmot uses a range of Polartec® Classic weights to provide the right level of insulation for your activity:

Polartec® Classic 100 weight fabrics are the lightest and are excellent for a warm first layer or lightweight sweater

Polartec® Classic 200 weight fabrics provide outstanding warmth and versatility

Polartec® Classic 300 fabrics are the heaviest and provide a warm thermal layer for very cold outdoor activities

Technical Highlights:

Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics

Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor

For water repellent styles, surface sheds rain and snow

Dries quickly to minimize heat loss

Durable. Will outlast other fleece fabrics

Machine washable

Versatile; appropriate for a broad range of activities

Light, mid and heavy weight constructions provide choice of insulation level

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Materiaal GORE® WINDSTOPPER® , Polartec®, Polartec®Power Stretch Pro®
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